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Our Origin

If you develop eczema symptoms like dry, red, and itchy skin, the standard response is to visit a western doctor. You queue up for hours, pay a fee for a 10-minute consultation, and receive a prescription for steroid creams, antibiotics and emulsifying ointment. Once you stop the treatment after 2-3 weeks, your eczema rebounds and worsens. Eventually, you become frustrated and attempt to search for better answers from another specialist, ask around from family and friends, or try your luck on anything you can get your hands on.

Eczema is much more than physical. Everyday we feel being stared down at. It’s embarrassing and it undermines our confidence. In some cases eczema can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. As patients ourselves, we know first-hand how this feels on both the physical and emotional level. As victims of this ‘untreatable’ disease according to conventional western medicine, we know first-hand how it feels from the lack of solutions.

Our team members with eczema found the way out. Combining our collective years of patient experience and current medical literature, we identified the common patterns of what lead to chronic conditions like eczema. Each of us identified our unique medical profiles, created a personalized recovery plan, and regained quality of life. 

We want to show you the way. We understand the medicine of today should no longer work in a silo but instead leverage the best practices from multiple healthcare disciplines including pharmaceuticals, skincare science, nutrition, and psychology. The integrated care model beats every other commercial and medical solution for eczema. The evidence is clear and this is the only approach that is sustainable. 

Are you ready to begin your recovery journey? 

Why we started WeDerm

We started WeDerm because we want to take action to close the gap between our largely symptom-driven acute care today and what eczema requires: a sustainable integrated care solution to treat the disease through lifestyle interventions.

Harrison Li (Nutritionist), Keshia Kung (Pharmacist), Michelle Lam (Doctor)

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Our mission is to help one million people to eliminate eczema by 2026.