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教你5個濕疹運動貼士🏃|5 Eczema Tips for Exercise You Should Know

成日強調做運動對濕疹康復好重要,因為能夠促進血液循環,以及令身體保持良好新陳代謝。但做運動 (尤其喺夏天!) 一定會出汗。很多患者認為汗水會嗱住皮膚,唔舒服之餘仲刺激痕癢!的確,汗水中的鈉成份有機會刺激皮膚,而情況在汗水蒸發的時候更明顯。今日分享5個貼士希望助你改善運動時的體驗。

Exercise plays an important role in eczema recovery, with its effect in boosting blood circulation thus maintaining a healthy metabolism. But working out on a steamy, hot summer day also means sweating a lot. A lot of our eczema buddies may find their skin itching and irritated, especially when the sweat dries out with a salty residue left. Here are 5 tips to help you reduce flare-ups during exercise. 


運動期間流汗是因為身體希望透過汗水蒸發降溫。對於濕疹人士來說,汗水蒸發會帶走水分,令本身偏乾的皮膚更乾 (所以會痕癢)。要避免身體流失過多水分刺激皮膚,運動時應時常補充水分。記住飲多啲水!

1. Stay hydrated

Evaporation of sweat brings a cooling effect, but also dryness and itchiness if you have eczema. To avoid getting dehydrated and irritated skin, drink more water and bring moisture to your body! 


衣服太緊貼身體會令皮膚感覺侷促,難以透氣,亦會令皮膚溫度過高。患者盡可能應該選擇一些較鬆身的衣服,減低皮膚與衣服的摩擦,令皮膚更易降溫。選擇衣服的時候也該留意物料,不少患者其實對某些衣料敏感。常見致敏衣料如rayon, nylon, polyester, spandex 等。以筆者為例,本人有了濕疹多年才發現自己對 rayon 及 nylon 敏感!

2. Choose the appropriate clothings 

Bodysuits may look cool but only bring heat and discomfort to your skin. Looser clothings mean less friction between the fabric and your skin, thus a better cooling effect. Also, choose your fabric wisely. A lot of them could cause allergies e.g. rayon, nylon, polyester, spandex. It could take years to realize it’s the fabric that hurts if you don’t pay extra attention to it. 



3. Get interval rest 

Excessive heat is a main cause of itching skin during exercise. Go for exercise with interval rest, e.g. HIIT/LIIT to allow your body to cool down. You may wish to wet a clean towel with cool water and pat it on your skin during rest. Avoid using ice as excessive cooling could also irritate your skin. 



4. Find somewhere cool and well-ventilated 

To avoid excessive heat over your skin, getting a cool and ventilated space is essential. Try to stay in the shade, and keep yourself away from small stuffy gyms (when they reopen!) 



5. Moisturize your skin before and after exercise 

Don’t be surprised about it! Applying a layer of moisturizer on your skin before exercise could not only avoid skin dehydration, but also reduce skin irritation from the salty residue of sweat. Get the moisturizer that suits you and allow time for it to be absorbed before your workout.


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