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Common questions

What exactly is integrated care? 

Integrated care is exactly what it sounds like: a healthcare approach that integrates multiple forms of evidence-based care from pharmacology, skincare science, nutrition, mental health, and relevant disciplines.

In the noisy and distracting world of healthcare for eczema today, we cut through the bulls*** and curate the best of science, supported by evidence, and deliver exactly what a patient needs to understand, manage, and recover from eczema. 

Does your approach work? 

Results speak louder than words. Our multidisciplinary team brings together diverse domain knowledge and experience, including: previously running one of world’s leading eczema websites having reached 1 million views across 210+ countries; working with patients across numerous nationalities including Canada, U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, South East Asia, Australia, and more. The type of cases range from treating a mild patch, to transforming near-bedridden individuals suffering from severe eczema into gradual remission.

Recovery has no geographical boundary, integrated care works for all human beings sharing a common immune system biology.

How do your services compare with existing treatments? Are you just ‘self-help’? 

The global approach to eczema is unchanged since the 1950s: the standard care of western medicine – steroid creams, moisturizers, and other pharmaceutical solutions. It is needed but temporary and only partially effective. Our integrated care approach addresses the medical gap and completes the full picture of recovery by treating all neglected factors using our SEEDS+ framework: Stress, Exercise, Environment, Diet, Sleep, + Social Health.

No. We are not ‘self help’ as information alone is useless. We go beyond self-help and provide concrete actionable steps to recovery.

How long does it take to recover?

Acute conditions like an infection can heal in days, but chronic conditions like eczema require long term lifestyle management. There are three key factors that determine your recovery: (1) your medical history – how long you’ve had eczema, the intensity of pharmaceutical reliance you’ve built since diagnosis; (2) your current eczema severity; (3) how much change you are ready, willing, and able to implement in managing your lifestyle.

There is no fixed pace or ‘best’ time, as it depends on individual lifestyle preferences. One example in our team: Harrison suffered moderate/severe eczema for 10 years, and recovery took six months of restrictive lifestyle management. (Remember, all examples are on a case-by-case basis!) 

What is the difference between Integrated Care (Standard) and Integrated Care (Premium)?

All our health coaches join our team with two key criteria as healthcare professionals and first-hand eczema experience. While coaches may come from a variety of backgrounds including medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, dietetics, psychology and social work, all coaches are required to undergo a unique in-house WeDerm Certification Program with examination and practical assessment before they can conduct coaching. 

While all coaches are capable of assisting the eczema recovery of our members, we denote “Premium” to coaches who have relatively more life and health coaching experience, as we understand that coaching is both a science and art of dealing with day to day life.

What is the refund policy?

Integrated Care Plan: Non-refundable for the first six months (minimum subscription). All subsequent months after the minimum duration (i.e. 7th month onwards) can be refunded on a pro-rata basis when notified in advance.

We designed 6 months as the minimum duration for a reason. We worked with numerous patients and our experience shows that one month is too short, three months we begin to see results, and six months is when a typical eczema patient becomes self-equipped and is well on track to continue the recovery journey.

It’s not our intention to renew the subscription forever, that would defeat the purpose of empowering you with knowledge and assurance. We want you to flourish and self-sustain!

However, we understand it takes time for the body to heal at a personalized pace. If you feel that you’re not ready yet and want us in your recovery journey even after six months, we’re here to be the guidance you need.

Do you upsell any products? What is your business model? How does your pricing sustain?

You pay for what you see, there are no hidden tricks or upselling of any products.

WeDerm is a social enterprise, which means we focus on reaching our long term mission of reaching 1 million patients by 2026. We do not overcharge because we want to increase affordable access to all people in need with eczema. This is only made possible by our team of volunteers who are compassionate and share a common giving spirit. 

How are you qualified? 

In most parts of medicine that treat diseases, western medicine is undeniably the first and only needed line of care. However the same cannot be said for complex chronic conditions like eczema, as shown by the inability for pharmaceuticals alone to bring eczema to remission. What then, is the gold standard of care for eczema?

WeDerm operates in the 3E framework of evidence: Expertise – all healthcare information we share are evidence-based and vetted by domain experts; Experience – we practise what we preach; Exposure – our knowledge grows the more we serve. 

As patients with first-hand experience ourselves, we understand any promise of recovery is nothing until the day it happens. We like to let our success cases speak for themselves.

Do you provide medical advice? 

WeDerm does not constitute or replace medical professional advice. WeDerm acts in a knowledge sharing position.

WeDerm understands the need for temporary relief (esp. moderate to severe patients). Our stance: co-exist with standard care in the short run, address root causes to drop drug reliance in the long run. Patient makes the decision on steroid use; we don’t encourage 100% withdrawal unless the patient is ready.

My partner / child / sibling also suffer(s) from eczema. Is there a family arrangement?

As each individual’s eczema is complex and different, our services are therefore designed to be personalized for each person. This means our services are charged for every person with eczema.

The only exception where more than one person is present during our services is if the patient is a child below 18 years of age and requires a guardian to attend together (e.g. mother and 10 year old son), then only one charge will be applied.