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An evidence-based, clinically proven approach.

WeDerm advocates the power of integrated care by addressing the root causes of eczema.

Given the abundance of information online, it can be confusing to find the facts you need. We do the hard work of analysis (because that’s our expertise and passion) and help you skip the homework. The result? You can find all the practical and essential answers you need about eczema in one place.

We identify your root causes.
We never start before understanding who you are. When you first join, we ask you to complete a Discovery Questionnaire to understand your medical history, lifestyle habits, coaching preferences and eczema goals. You will then be matched with a personalized health coach.

The coach will study your background and discuss important areas in your first session we call Discovery (60 minutes). We take the time to learn all about you and go beyond the symptoms to find the root causes of your condition to create your eczema care plan.

Start your health plan together.
Your health plan is designed using the WeDerm integrated care framework, with a personalized set of health goals to support your recovery.

In the follow-up coaching sessions we will review your progress, discuss any potential challenges, and set new goals for the next session, until the end of your coaching period. How you arrange the sessions is flexible! Two 30-minute sessions or one 60-minute session per month? Do it your way!

Maintain regular check-ins.
Improving lifestyle changes is a long-term process and our coach will provide guidance, support, and help you maintain momentum. We understand not everything should wait until your next session. Your coach is here for you to answer questions over messaging.

By the final session, you will complete the program with confidence to go on the remaining eczema journey comfortably on your own. But if you’d like to continue the coaching relationship, we’re also here for you.

Our SEEDS+ approach

Our approach is designed to address the medical gap. No more guesswork and generic solutions. Only targeted and integrated care grounded in science and evidence.

Stress & Social Support

Is stress a contributing factor to your eczema? Do you feel like no one really empathise with you? Share your concerns with your health coach and learn how to incorporate mindfulness practice in your daily life. Most of our coaches have first hand experience with eczema and are willing to share with you their experience so you don't feel alone on your recovery journey.


Over 70% of our members do not do enough exercise per week. Most complain that they cannot find the motivation or 'time' for it. But... really? Hold yourself accountable. Set goals with your coach and review your progress every session. You'll realize change is really up to you.

Environment & Sleep

Yes, we know it's hard to change the environment, but are you already doing everything you could? Details like clothing materials are easily overlooked but could have a huge impact on making your skin feel better. Focus on the details and maybe it could even improve your sleeping quality!


How much do you know about food chemical intolerance and its relationship with eczema? 'You are what you eat' is especially true in eczema patients as our immune systems are more 'sensitive' to food chemical intolerance. Don't hear our word for it. All of our successful member stories had followed dietary interventions!

That’s how we work, but here’s the second part (hint: it’s you!)

Since we started offering eczema coaching services in 2020, we have worked with around 100 members across the globe from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the States, Canada, United Kingdom, to New Zealand.

And there’s something we learned. It’s you.

Yes, we have gathered real results in the past two years but the program will not be effective unless you take action into implementing lifestyle habits based on your health plan.

This can look like following your agreed dietary approach, exploring recipes that work best for you, learning new techniques to manage your mental health, increasing your physical movement, and so on. We can guide you in the right direction, but the second part rests in your ability to commit to your health.

We have worked with members who stopped in the middle because the doctor had a different take on treating eczema and the client went with the family doctor’s advice. We have members who could not continue the journey because it’s just too hard to implement dietary goals (for the moment). We understand it’s not always a smooth journey (as it would never be) and provide an open space for our members to explore and work on their eczema whenever they are ready.

Our members experienced a 47% increase in quality of life.

Looking at a cohort level, here’s what our members reveal in an average three-months period:

  • Our members experienced a 26% decrease in eczema severity symptoms. If you suffer from moderate to severe eczema, you will see a noticeable difference in your symptoms. You will scratch less, flare up less (you know those abrupt moments throughout the day?), and have less dry skin and patches. If you have mild eczema, you won’t necessarily see a drastic change as you would from a moderate/severe situation, but you will be able to identify what causes the ‘random’ flare-ups, and yes, your skin will become more hydrated and less prone to scratching.
  • Our members experienced a 47% increase in quality of life. Let’s face it. Eczema affects the way we interact with people, in public, among coworkers, and even peers and family. That’s why we insist on creating a community of peer support meetups (mostly virtual) for you to get to know one another. That’s why most people who join our program feel a heightened sense of ‘can do’ and feel empowered to live and manage eczema even if they were on their own.
  • Four in every five members would recommend our service to a new eczema patient. People join our program to treat eczema but also to access a community of similar individuals who may have gone through the eczema journey and learn the best practices from each other. Some enjoy the wealth of knowledge about eczema which we offer in our workshops (included for all members) and video library. Some enjoy simply having someone to go when you have questions.

What’s included in my membership plan?

Our 6-month Integrated Care membership includes:

  • One in-depth Discovery session with your coach to expand on your Discovery Questionnaire to learn more about your health history, current health challenges and eczema goals. 
  • 2 coaching sessions per month with your health coach to review your health plan and identify new achievable goals. Follow-ups can be arranged flexibly in two 30-minute sessions or one 60-minute session per month.
  • A personalized health plan that identifies your root causes and translates them into actionable health goals in lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, movement and mental wellbeing.
  • Convenient WhatsApp scheduling for your next session so you can find a time that works best for you to discuss your health.
  • Unlimited messaging on business days with your Coach or Care Manager through WhatsApp, so you can stay connected between sessions.
  • Up to 20% discounts with our curated partners in eczema-targeted probiotics, gut microbiome stool tests, and food allergy tests (IgE, IgG, IgA).
  • Exclusive eczema care webinars on trendy eczema management topics so you can stay well-informed and ask questions with health care experts beyond your coach.
  • Access to virtual peer support sessions as an extension of eczema webinars, so you can get to know other fellow eczema patients. 
  • Downloadable eczema care worksheets including a low chemical load integrated food list for grocery shopping and food sensitivity dietary plans.
  • A welcome gift pack, including eczema goodies like skincare product samples and a physical health diary [HK Only].
  • Eczema fighters peer support community app, so you can connect socially in a moderated safe space and exchange best practices from skincare to recipes (stay tuned!)
  • 30+ integrated care videos on everything from treating eczema from zero to one, and intimate sharings by fellow ex-patients (stay tuned!)