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BioMed Probiotics DecaHerb 拾敏方


Serving per container: 10 packs (10 packs/box)
Instruction of use: Dissolve each pack of powder with 200 ml hot water. Pour 80°C hot water into the cup and add the powder. Stir and drink after the powder is dissolved.
Suggested dose: Aged 3 to 6 children (1 time/day, half pack/time); aged 6 to 12 children (2 times/day, half pack/time); aged 12 or above/adults (2 times/day, one pack/time)
Storage: Store in the fridge or in a cool and dry area. Avoid direct sunlight.
Origin: Hong Kong

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BioMed Probiotics DecaHerb 拾敏方

  • Natural herbal supplement
  • Helps reduce allergy
  • Helps relieve itching and promote sleeping quality
  • No addition of western medicine
  • Produced according to GMP an ISO22000 standards
  • Target on individuals who aged 3 or above