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BioMed PGut Skin Immune Support Probiotics


Serving per container: 30 capsules (10 billion CFU/capsule)
Instruction of use: Consume with drinking water.
Suggested dose: One capsule per day after or before meal
Storage: Store in the fridge or in a cool and dry area. Avoid direct sunlight.
Origin: Taiwan

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BioMed PGut Skin Immune Support Probiotics

  • Contains 10 billion active probiotics
  • 7 studies proven skin related probiotics
  • Studies proven ingredients to prevent and reduce skin inflammation due to allergic reactions and eczema
  • Helps breakdown of non-digestible food materials such as dietary fiber
  • Produces certain vitamins and short chain fatty acids, SCFAs (e.g. vitamin B12, acetic acid & butyric acid)
  • Provides immune support
  • Over 96% viable probiotics reaching the intestines to colonize
  • Premium quality with toxicant-free, GMP & ISO22000 certifications
  • Plant capsules, suitable for vegetarian