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WeDerm Cookbook (18 Recipes)
English | Released on March 13, 2022

In this Cookbook, we focus on naturally occurring food chemicals that exist as part of a plant or animal protein, like fruits, vegetables, seeds. We won’t mention food additives (e.g. artificial preservatives, colorings) for now as they won’t be in our recipes.

Food chemicals are certain food proteins like salicylates, amines and other anti-nutrients that cause food intolerances commonly experienced by eczema patients (aka. pharmacologic food intolerances). Chemical load is classified based on the well-regarded salicylates study from the Human Nutrition Unit of the University of Sydney. 

Each recipe is given a rating of overall chemical load based on the ingredients!   

This supports you in identifying how much chemical load you are consuming each week and helps you minimize exposure to potential food triggers while enjoying the goodness of tasty dishes.

Hope you enjoy the cookbook!

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