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Cally Leung

Language Proficiencies: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Cally was engaged in the work of environmental protection. She realized the importance of health during illness. She finally regained her health with nutrition intervention, exercise and body health treatments. She studied a degree and postgraduate course in community nutrition in her spare time. She is also a fitness instructor for the elderly and co-founder of a social enterprise promoting healthy lifestyle through exercise prescriptions, nutrition guidance and mindfulness.

Qualifications & Credentials:
B.Sc (Hon) in Food and Nutrition (U of Ulster, UK) Postgraduate Certificate in Community Nutrition (HKUSPACE)
Advanced Certificate in Sport and Exercise Nutrition (HKUSPACE )
Advanced Diploma in Food Business Management (HKUSPACE )
Elderly Fitness Instructor (HKPFA)
Fitball and Elastic Band Instructor (HKPFA)
EIM : Fitness Instuctor for Patients with Chronic Diseases (CUHK)
NLP Certified Practitioner (ABNLP)

Why I chose to become an eczema health coach:
I also experience mild eczema. I would like to help eczema patients to gain better quality of life.

My philosophy as an eczema health coach:
Lifestyle is medicine. Simple life is the best for most of the time.

Where will you find me outside of work:
Enjoy planting and using herbs for cooking delicious food.