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Steffi Loh

Language Proficiencies: English

Steffi is a registered associate nutritionist with a passion for public health. She believes that healthcare should be personalised and relational. This, coupled with her background in Nutrition, has driven her to pursue a career in lifestyle medicine and health coaching.

Previously, Steffi has worked as a health coach in private clinics located in Hong Kong and London, working alongside medical doctors to provide individual coaching services to clients who suffered from a wide range of health conditions. Prior to joining the healthcare industry, Steffi has volunteered across multiple sectors including think tank, nonprofits, science communication, and academic research.

Qualifications & Credentials:
Registered Associate Nutritionist (Association for Nutrition, UK)
Master of Science in Nutrition for Global Health (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (King’s College London)

Previous Positions:
Nutritionist and health coach at London-based and Hong Kong-based private clinics.

Why I chose to become an eczema health coach:
Having been the primary carer for a severe eczema patient, I truly believe that the eczema journey could be made a lot easier with the aid of lifestyle strategies.

My philosophy as an eczema health coach:
As an eczema health coach, my value goes beyond making lifestyle recommendations tailored to your needs: I am also here to work out with you barriers that may hinder you from achieving our set goals, and inviting you to explore why you want to embark on this journey with me.

Where will you find me outside of work:
Walking in the woods.