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Zenia Cheung

Language Proficiencies: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Zenia is a third year medical student in the University of St. Andrews and was on the Deans’ List for academic excellence. Zenia is an active committee member of many medical societies such as the Oncology Society and the Neurological and Neurosurgical society. As a medical student, she understands the importance of treating eczema with a holistic approach.

Qualifications & Credentials:
Bachelor of Science (Medicine), University of St. Andrews

Previous Positions:
Lab assistant in HKUST
Volunteer at Prince of Wales Hospital
Content Writer at Imunis

Why I chose to become an eczema health coach:
One of the most diagnosed skin condition in Hong Kong is eczema, being able to gain and hear first-hand anecdote from past mentors and eczema fighters enable me to have a different insight on this condition.

My philosophy as an eczema health coach:
I am strong advocate of healthcare equality and aim to utilize an evidence-based approach as a mentor.

Where will you find me outside of work:
In cafes hunting for the best matcha latte in town and heading down to the beach for some vitamin D.