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Eczema treatment that works.

No more short-term fixes and daily struggles. WeDerm health coaches go beyond symptoms to treat the root cause of your eczema and deliver a sustainable recovery.

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The only effective solution to a sustainable eczema recovery.
Conventional medicine for eczema has remained unchanged since the 1950s. Steroid medications are only a temporary fix and you know it. Eczema is an autoimmune condition and recovery requires addressing lifestyle-specific root causes, and we’re here to do that at a personalized level.

A certified eczema health coach team you can access from anywhere.
Treating eczema is easier than ever with online access to eczema health coaches. In addition to virtual visits, you can message your team with any questions or concerns that come up outside of your appointments.

What makes WeDerm different?

The leading eczema community in Asia is built by experienced (ex)patients.
You’re not getting a coach. You’re not getting an article. You’re joining the leading community of fellow eczema patients who truly understand your condition to help you heal and thrive.

An evidence-based approach to eczema recovery.
WeDerm advocates the power of integrated care for eczema treatment: the perfect balance between western acute care and lifestyle behavioral interventions. Our approach is based on medical literature and patient first-hand experience.

Results speak louder than words.
On a three-month average, our members experienced a 26% decrease in eczema severity symptoms and a 47% increase in quality of life. Four in every five members would recommend our service to a new eczema patient.

Hear what our members say

I’d been scouring the internet for tips on eczema diet and there were so many contradictions, and yours was the only one I could find that consolidated the information is a scientifically-sound, balanced, and no-bs way.

Nancy W. (Ex-Patient | Canada)

This program is what I needed in my life, and became a total game changer […] I used to scratch my skin at night time every day, and in 4 years I had been to 4 skin practitioners and 1 with a PhD in skin diseases, and they all threw crap at me – use this, then use this and this and that, and they always talked about probabilities without any facts, and in the end I never got a single straight clean answer. Purely assumptions on behalf of what they’ve written in books to get their degree. […] AllI can say is, a few months later my body is now back in tune with itself as if I’m a new born baby.

Malik R. (Ex-Patient | United Kingdom)

I was completely astonished (and furious) by how doctors here (I’m Canadian) are just so ignorant about this disease. Every single doctor/dermatologist I’ve seen told me that food had nothing to do with my skin condition and that it would disappear as I grow up. And I believed them all those painful years… So I’m so glad I’ve found you, thanks for all this time you spent sharing your experience…

Kim L. (Ex-Patient | Canada)

I first met Harrison online because I was looking for helpful resources to relieve me from a severe eczema breakout. Doctors and herbalists couldn’t help me as my condition just kept getting worse that I almost stopped schooling and came close to being bedridden. It was only until I came upon Harrison’s [work] that I found true knowledge on how to keep eczema under control. Since then, I’ve been following his advice and I’ve never had my eczema come back again.

Mary J. T. (Ex-Patient | Philippines)
We’re on a social mission

Our mission is to treat eczema for 1 million people around the world by 2026. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation, confusion, and lack of guidance towards a sustainable eczema treatment approach. We’re here to bring a little help to the world.